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Do you have a student in Year 8?  Will they be ready for Y9 Maths?
Download this Checkup Sheet  and see how they go. This is based on the Year 7 curriculum, so, Year 8 students should be able to complete these questions in less than 15 mins without the help of a calculator. 
Basic Facts
If children do not KNOW their tables, they will really struggle with maths from now on. Because table knowledge is so much a part of all maths; fractions, decimal, percentages, algebra, geometry, measurement etc, they probably already are. "Knowing" is not using fingers or "working them out by "skip counting", it is good old fashioned "off by heart" learning! Sadly, this is one of the main weaknesses we see in students. As children enter secondary school, Maths becomes more and more about recognising relationships and patterns, and a key part of this is knowing basic facts. "Facts" should not be seen as "problems" to be worked out; KNOWN facts and processes are the tools children use to solve problems. Unfortunately Maths is not much fun for children without this basic knowledge.
Basic Facts Answers (Repeated numbers should be shown with a dot above.) 
This Basic Facts 7-8 sheet should be able to be completed accurately within 5 minutes, obviously without using a calculator!
We don't understand why tables are stopped at 10s? We look at 11s, 12s, and the first few from 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s!
If the results are not what you would like, our lessons will certainly help, and can be complemented by learning tables at home. We find charts are not so good, get some tables cards from the $2 shops!
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