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Why we have changed to FOCUS Learning Centre

We strongly believe that the corporate approach to tutoring, whilst more appropriate in previous decades, now simply adds another layer of bureaucracy and cost to the tutoring process. 

As educators we seek to use material that is relevant to our own students and the NZ curriculum; we wish to avoid a “cookie cutter” approach dictated from afar. If costs run high, as they do in a number of franchise approaches, then tuition centres often resort to employing high school students to keep costs down. We do not believe this is in the best interests of students. Accordingly, we only employ qualified, experienced, and passionate teachers, and empower them to help your children.

Good teaching comes down to good relationships; we believe that a face to face approach is vastly superior to online tutoring. The software we do use is research proven, and designed to assist both the learner and the teacher.

Simply put, as educators we don’t want to be held back by any one form of tutorial approach, we want the best of the old and the best of the new according to what is appropriate for each particular learner. With this in mind, we use a variety of tutorial approaches, providing material that is relevant to the NZ curriculum - and the gaps within it, and, most importantly, to your children!

We are part of the In2Learning Group, made up from independent centres across New Zealand; this gives us the support of like-minded educators, and the flexibility to meet our student's needs.